• CLIENT:City of Bevagna
  • LOCATION:Via Madonna della Rosa, Bevagna
  • YEAR:2020
  • SURFACE:4 500 m²
  • BUDGET:7 200 000 €

Our project takes care to respect the structure of the site, integrating into its context with a confident, assured gesture. Located on the limit between the town and agricultural land, our project maintains the relationship between the built and the natural through a subtle and delicate dialogue.

To the north, a curved volume is dedicated to educational activities, housing the “external” panorama, domesticating a portion of it as a garden. In a discreet but decisive act, the structure thus inserts itself into the landscape, demonstrating a respectful approach to the urban will. Constructed in timber, it seeks a to create a harmony between the volumes of the urban artefact and the iridescent essence of natural materials.

To the south, various volumes accommodate the functions of the school. In an existing neighbourhood characterised by a “cellular” urban fabric of independent volumes, our project organises the complementary functions around two small squares defined as links between the school and its surroundings. They articulate volumetrically the various educational and extracurricular functions, a distribution that allows each of these functions to operate individually or as part of a system. Realised in a mixed concrete-layered structure and covered in glazed terracotta, the volumes of the extracurricular activities represent in a playful and recognisable way their different functions, inserting themselves harmoniously in the heterogeneous architectural repertoire of the neighbourhood.

The interaction with the landscape is part of a story in fieri. These aggregated forms, which recall the astonished fixedness of Giorgio Morandi’s objects, transcribe in simple and recognisable volumes their different functions, composing a landscape of human activities.


Architect and team leader: Stefano Sbarbati

Technical feasibility study: IPE Progetti